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Your Parents Time in Grächen

Are you planning a relaxing winter holiday with the family? Be sure to also treat yourselves to some time for two – you deserve it! While the kids romp around, you can switch off and enjoy the beauty of the Valais mountains together.

Grab your kids, your ski equipment and a heaping scoop of excitement – and your winter holidays in Grächen can begin! In the sunny mountain town in the Valais, you can enjoy your time as a family to the full. Look forward to perfectly groomed slopes and fun in the snow at its best! Something that’s also a must while on winter holiday: some exclusive time for two. The family-friendly Hannigalp ski resort offers plenty of options for that.

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Grächen winter holiday paradise

In the traffic-calmed, partly car-free mountain town, you can take a relaxed stroll through the alleys and enjoy the magnificent winter scenery. In Grächen, almost every holiday attraction is within easy walking distance – for a winter holiday filled with serenity.

And one thing is for sure: You will also have a lot of fun and enjoy good entertainment. A diverse range of winter activities will add variety to your family holidays.

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2 hours of fun at the Hannigalp children’s daycare

Holiday time is family time – but making friends and romping around at the day nursery is at least as much fun. At the “SiSu Spiel- und Schlafnest” on Hannigalp, little winter sports enthusiasts between the ages of two and six are looked after by experienced childminders. In three spacious play and recreation rooms, young guests can play or take a nap while you hit the slopes of Hannigalp. Even better yet: With a ski pass, two hours of childcare are free!

Why leave when it’s so much fun? For an hourly fee, you can extend your child’s stay in the play paradise.

Where little champions make it big

Safe on the slopes of Hannigalp

The Hannigalp ski resort is compact, making it easy to find your way around – ideal conditions for letting older children explore the slopes on their own. The four funparks are an especially popular destination: Your kids can conquer cool obstacles and practise exciting tricks, while you proudly wave to them from the sundeck as they skillfully glide down the slopes.

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Finally, time for two!

Parents Time on Hannigalp

The kids are busy, and now you’re free to do whatever you want! Hannigalp offers a number of options for making the most of your parents time-out. Of course, one of the best ones is to explore the 44 kilometres of ski runs while skiing or snowboarding. Whether you glide down the snowy slopes or carve down a speedy downhill run: You can finally treat yourself to some uninterrupted winter sports.

Afterwards, we recommend heading to one of the mountain’s delightful restaurants and huts. Relish the view from the cosy sundeck while savouring delicious culinary delights and chatting about this or that!

Family spa time!

Relaxation for family members of all ages

Are you looking forward to some relaxation after action-packed days of skiing? Time for family wellness! Hotel Hannigalp offers everything you need. At the indoor pool with its 500 square metres of spa area, you can unwind while your kids splash around in the water next door.

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