Adventure awaits
Numerous options for adventures
Activities in Grächen & the surrounding area

The holiday paradise of Grächen boasts a long list of adventure options even beyond traditional hiking and biking. From a high-ropes course to Lama-Trekking or simply wellness – there’s something for everyone!

Countless possibilities

Varied activities in Grächen

Grächen has a lot to offer for hiking and biking enthusiasts. But the holiday paradise also impresses with a variety of experiences away from the hiking routes, ski slopes and bike trails.

A holiday in Grächen can be combined with exciting and diverse activities in the surrounding area. Holidaymakers of all ages get to experience their dream holidays here!

Show off your skills!

Minigolf courses in the region

Show off your amazing putting skills on the numerous minigolf courses and challenge your loved ones to a game! 

From tree to tree

High-ropes courses in the surrounding area

Climb from one tree to the next high above the ground! Always well secured, you can have tons of fun at one of the high-ropes courses in Grächen and the surrounding area and see things from a new perspective thanks to a unique bird’s eye view.

In the footsteps of Pastor Kneipp

The Kneipp facilities in Grächen and the surrounding area

Want to give your health a little boost? You can do so at the Kneipp facilities in Grächen and the surrounding area. Walking through the cool water while reminiscing about your last adventure in the mountains – a rejuvenating experience for body and soul!

Not bad!

Outdoor pools in Grächen and the surrounding area

Breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly? Or how about a diving session? No matter what you prefer: Grächen offers you numerous refreshing locations for a dip in the cool water.

Long live sports!

The sports centre in Grächen

If you’re in the mood for a change after all the fun you’ve had while biking and hiking, we have the perfect alternative for you: Visit the sports centre in Grächen! Get your daily workout in – playing tennis, table tennis or badminton, or challenge each other at climbing and in the gym! 

Ready, set, go!

Children’s parks in Grächen and the surrounding area

So fun! In Grächen, you will find numerous playgrounds where your little ones can really let off some steam. Equipped with exciting playground equipment and comfortable seating options, they invite you to stay a while.

Cool and chic

Snowbiking on the ski runs in Grächen

Want to try a new winter sport? While snowbiking in Grächen, you can swoosh down the slopes in a seated position. You’ll get the hang of it in no time! 

A different kind of overnight stay

Unique accommodation in Grächen and the surrounding area

You can choose from numerous cosy hotels and guesthouses in Grächen. But how about an overnight stay of a very special kind? At Robi’s Forest Play Park, you can spend the night in one of the tree tents  up at lofty heights. 

Never stop learning

Brush up on your Grächen knowledge

Impressed by Grächen, you want to learn more about the town? You can do so on a tour. Embark on a wonderful journey through time and marvel at historical spots in Grächen! Are you a flight enthusiast? Then a behind-the-scenes visit to Air Zermatt  will be just the thing for you! 

Fancy a little relaxation?

Wellness & spa

Bad weather is a rarity in Grächen – after all, the town is considered one of the sunniest places in Switzerland. But just in case, there’s a great alternative to outdoor activities: Grächen has plenty of wellness and spa offers for grown-ups, while your little ones can splash around in the children’s zones.

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