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The Valais is known for its wealth of traditions and folklore. And there are also many exciting attractions and events to look forward to in Grächen: You can enjoy unique entertainment, quench your thirst for knowledge and experience impressive customs up close.

Hungry for culture?

Cultural highlights in Grächen

The Valais’ traditions and customs are fascinatingly unique, and Grächen invites you to a culture-filled holiday all year round. 

In the rustic Valaisian mountain town, you can expect a varied culture and arts programme, including exceptional events – an exciting experience for the whole family. Browse through the interesting offers! Putting together a list of highlights for your holidays in Grächen will give you plenty to look forward to.

Stroll, enjoy great food, party

Food Night

Flanier Abund" becomes "Food Night Grächen". At the now legendary street festival, Grächen's restaurateurs present culinary delicacies, while local shops invite you to stroll and shop.

The Universal Compressed Air Orchestra

Cabaret Festival Grächen

The newly created Grächen Cabaret Festival is another cultural highlight in the summer. No less than the "Tiful" aka Karim Habli himself presents three fantastic cabaret artists on an entertaining summer evening, playing for the favour of the audience. He will be supported by the well-known musician and music machinist Peter Tilli with his "Universal Druckluft Orchester".


Open doors day

A look behind the scenes - discover our ski area from a new perspective.
How much water is needed for snowmaking in the ski area? What does the daily routine of our piste rescue team look like? How does technical snowmaking work? How many lifts does Bergbahnen Grächen operate? What criteria are used to categorise the pistes?


Village tour

Embark on a wonderful journey through time. Choose when and to what extent you would like to immerse yourself in the history of Grächen on a beautiful walk. Find out more about historical buildings from the early modern period, what the famous barns are all about and why they are perched on four stilts with round stone slabs. Pick up your brochure "Village Tour Grächen" (free of charge) at the Tourist Office and follow the signs.

For aha moments

Time travel in the museums of Grächen

Culture and customs still play an important role in Grächen. In the various museums in town, you can learn interesting facts about the history of Grächen, get to know the famous mountain guides of the past, admire diverse minerals and more.

The event to end the season

Snowspring Open-Air

The atmospheric winter sports season is coming to an end – so a fitting conclusion is a must! A boisterous party is waiting for you at the Snowspring event in Grächen. Before spring arrives, everyone skis down the slopes of Hannigalp one last time at Easter, and the top sporting performances are celebrated at trendy parties. The absolute highlight: At the Snowspring Open-Air music festival, the headliners ensure an unforgettable atmosphere.

Cheering and celebrating

Exuberant folk festival atmosphere at the Reine du Soleil

An unforgettable day full of lived traditions, folklore and sporting spirit – that’s the Grächen Sommerstechfest. At the “Reine du Soleil” mega-event, visitors watch in suspense as the Eringer cows compete against each other in the “Ringkuhkampf”! In a wide variety of categories, you can experience something particularly exciting: the natural combativeness of the impressive animals, which have shaped Grächen’s culture for generations. 

Summer, sun & knowledge

Cultural summer highlights in Grächen

When the sun shines and the picturesque, colourful landscape delights holidaymakers and locals alike, Grächen boasts a cultural programme that couldn’t be more varied. Listen to the songs of talented traditional musicians or broaden your horizons with culture-oriented excursions or workshops! How about courses in which you learn authentic Valaisian music or dances? When you get back home, you’ll have some new skills to show off. 

Experiential learning

Experience culture beyond the classic museums

If you have already visited all the exciting museums in Grächen and are in the mood for even more culture: There are many other cultural highlights to choose from. Dive deep into the history and culture of Grächen!

Culture all around

Other cultural offers in the surrounding area

If you spend your holidays in Grächen, you won’t have to look very far for even more cultural highlights. The region offers many options to fill your holidays with interesting activities. Historical insights in the numerous museums or film and stage art in the cinemas and theatres – every wish for cultural activities will come true in Grächen and its surrounding area.

Up to date

Events in Grächen

Would you like to learn more about the culture of the Valais and make valuable memories at one of the many events in Grächen? Then you should definitely take a look at the Event Guide! That’s where you can always find all the upcoming events, activities and more.

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