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In the mood for a day of culture? Then visit one of the interactive museums in Grächen! Follow in the footsteps of great mountain pioneers, discover beautiful rocks and immerse yourself in the lives of people who lived and worked in Grächen hundreds of years ago. 

Experience history

Museums in Grächen

Culture and history fans, listen up: In three lovingly curated museums, you can find out more about the town of Grächen. You will not only learn about old crafts but also admire a fantastic collection of minerals and impressive exhibitions. 

A town tells stories

Grächen local museum

In the former town hall, you will discover exhibits, photographs and books on the culture and history of Grächen.

How did people cook back in the 19th century? What is the story of the Suonen – the water pipes in Grächen? And what does a 500-year-old tree trunk have to do with Lake Grächen? Holidaymakers of all ages can find answers to these and other questions at the numerous interactive stations of the museum. Particularly impressive: Following in the footsteps of famous humanist Thomas Platter, you’ll embark on an interesting journey into the past – into the time of the Reformation.

Tracing History

Our virtual village tour

If you would like to learn more about the history of our romantic Valais village in addition to our guided village tour, we recommend our virtual village tour. Click through the historical houses and sights and learn more about the former life of the mountain people and traditions.

Collectibles from five centuries

Joops Spycher Museum

Hand tools from all over the world: Museum founder Joop Colijn has painstakingly collected more than 400 woodworking tools from around the globe. The most complete museum collection of this kind can be admired in the museum on Thomas-Platter-Weg.

By the way: You can prove your woodworking skills on site and try out some of the historical tools.

Customs & mineral collection

St. Niklaus Museum of Local History and Mountain Guides

Daredevil first ascents by courageous mountain pioneers, reconstructed lifestyles from a hundred years ago and an impressive collection of minerals, some of which are quite unusual: Discover adventurous stories and see groundbreaking finds in the St. Niklaus Museum of Local History and Mountain Guides! Perfect for explorers of all ages.