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Everything at a glance: In this section, you will find all the important information and services for your holidays in Grächen. 

Everything at a glance


In this section, you will find all the important information and services for your holidays in Grächen. 


Help in case of emergency

Quick help – Here’s what to do in an emergency: 

  1. Assess the situation and condition of the patient. 
  2. Secure the scene of the accident and administer first aid.
  3. Call the emergency call centre by dialling the emergency number 144.
  4. Describe to the emergency call centre staff: 
    • the situation,
    • the exact location
    • and the symptoms of the person concerned.
  5. Take care of the injured person until the ambulance arrives.
  6. Explain the situation once again to the rescuers on site and support them if necessary. 

The most important emergency numbers

You should have these numbers saved in your phone: 

For all eventualities

Doctors in Grächen

Live updates on your mobile phone

Grächen News

Always up to date: With the Grächen WhatsApp channel, you get the latest information on the opening and closing times of cable cars, lifts and ski runs sent right to your mobile phone. Convenient, right?

Browsing the web in and around the town centre

WiFi in Grächen

Stay in touch with your loved ones back home! The free WiFi in the town centre of Grächen is available to residents as well as holiday guests. Whether it’s internet research, Skype calls with friends or sending your best photos to the family WhatsApp group: With the help of the Grächen Alpine HotSpot, you’ll be securely connected in no time. 

It’s as easy as this:

  • Select the wlan@thenet WiFi network. 
  • Log in.
  • Start surfing.

Please follow the instructions of the provider and the Grächen Alpine HotSpot!

Holiday planning

All offers at a glance

In our brochures, you will find all the important information for your holidays in Grächen! 

Find your flat!

Grächen holiday apartment agency

Are you still looking for accommodation for you and your loved ones, and hotels are not really your thing? Check out our holiday apartment agency! Simply enter the most important parameters for your search and choose your top flat! The contact persons on site will be happy to help you with any questions or special requests.

Gifts & souvenirs

Shopping in Grächen

For memories that last: Whether it’s a small souvenir of your holidays in Grächen or a gift for your loved ones back home – you’re sure to find what you're looking for in the shops in and around Grächen.