Fun in the snow
Try something new!
Snowbiking in Grächen

Grächen is the perfect location for a variety of winter sports. On Hannigalp, you can try snowbiking, for instance. Swooshing down the slopes while sitting down is definitely worth a try!

Ready for a new adventure?

Snowbiking on Hannigalp

The main attraction during winter holidays in Grächen: perfectly groomed ski runs waiting to be conquered by snow sports enthusiasts. Our tip: Do like the multiple snowbike world champion Björn Walter does, and you too will be swooshing down the mountain sitting down soon! Because on a snowbike, you can explore the snow-covered slopes of Hannigalp in a particularly adventurous way. 

Challenge accepted

Cutting a good figure on the snowbike

Strap on two short skis, hop onto the snowbike and set out on a new adventure! This piece of equipment resembles a classic bicycle but has two skis attached one behind the other. You’ll sit comfortably and confidently on the bike and steer it by moving the handlebars. 

The important thing here is that practice makes perfect. With a bit of training, you’ll soon be able to take the curves on the snowy slopes with ease – and a fun day on Grächen’s fabulous slopes can begin!

In the best of hands

Learn to snowbike from the pros

Easily accessible from the valley by the Hannigalpbahn cable car, the Hannigalp mountain station is the perfect starting point for your winter sports adventure. Once you’ve reached the top, it’s time to conquer the slopes as skillfully as possible.

Our tip: It’s better to start with an experienced guide at your side. Toni Gruber, a seasoned snow sports instructor, is the right person for you. If you’re already an advanced snowbiker and more confident in your skills, you can also rent a snowbike on site and explore the slopes on your own.