Live it up!
Fun, fun, fun!
Funparks in Grächen

The four funparks at the Hannigalp ski resort offer plenty of fun and action for beginners and advanced skiers. Go ahead and live it up on numerous fun elements!

Winter fun quartet

The four funparks in Grächen

Winter sports enthusiasts who want to experience some action on their ski holidays on Hannigalp will be thrilled: Because in addition to enjoyable descents on perfectly groomed ski runs, you can really live it up in the four fun areas of the SiSu Family Park.

Snow sports fans of all ages will enjoy the many highlights on the varied special slopes in Grächen.

Playfully easy!

SiSu Talentschmiede

All beginnings ... don’t have to be hard! The SiSu Talentschmiede is the perfect location for your kids’ first attempts at skiing. Two conveyor belts take them up the flat slope, which they can then swoosh down again, manoeuvring around various fun elements. Little ski beginners will quickly get the hang of the varied practice runs and can soon set out on other adventures.

Just like on TV! Skimovie run

Winter sports enthusiasts who long for their very own “moment of fame” are in the right place on the Skimovie run. Taking skilful turns, you’ll carve elegantly down the slope and then proudly examine your performance on video recordings. Your descent will be filmed from start to finish – including the exact downhill time! Almost like the ski pros experience it.

Innovative fun on the slopes

Family Funslope

Want to swoosh down the slope, mastering various snow and plastic elements? On the Family Funslope, you can show off your skills while having tons of fun. This funpark is a fantastic experience for family members of all ages – and makes for an action-packed alternative to skiing down the slopes of Grächen.

Flying high!

Jump Area Maxi

Want to fly through the air on your skis? If you’re in the mood for cool jumps and adrenaline rushes on ski holiday in Grächen, the Jump Area Maxi is a must-visit. With the help of two kickers and a box, ski and snowboard acrobats hurl themselves high up into the air. You can also practice your first cool freestyle tricks there.