Rapid descent while seated
Sledging in Grächen

In the mood for a relaxed descent and fantastic views? Or are you more interested in speedy downhill fun including a race? While sledging on Hannigalp, you can have both! 

Sledges and slopes

Sledging on Hannigalp

For many snow fans, the highlight of every winter holiday is going sledging together! Make yourself as comfortable as possible on the sledge, then hold on tight and head downhill!

Hannigalp is an ideal starting point for this fun winter sport, because you can choose from two official sledging runs on site.

Keep it simple

Sledging fun at the SiSu Family Park

Small but nice – the sledging run right on Hannigalp. On the short, flat run at the SiSu Family Park, you can sledge and challenge each other to a race. Especially sledging beginners and very young winter sports enthusiasts will love this run! 

Craving an adrenaline rush?

Sledging from Hannigalp to Grächen

Very difficult and definitely not for the faint-hearted: The steep sledging run through the forest down to Z'Seew is a sporty thrill. The three-kilometre run takes you all the way down into the valley. We’re convinced: You’ll master the steep turns with ease!

Rent a sledge

Sledge hire in Grächen

You don’t have the right gear for your sledging excursion? Rent a perfectly tuned sledge right on site at the sports shops in Grächen! 

Explore the snowy mountains

Winter inspiration for your holidays in Grächen

On Hannigalp, you can devote yourself to the winter sports activities of your dreams. You’ll find snow-covered slopes as far as the eye can see – or to be more precise, you can explore 44 kilometres of amazing ski runs.