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A refreshing experience
Kneipp facilities Grächen

At the most beautiful Kneipp facilities in Switzerland, you can promote your well-being in the fresh mountain air. We’ll provide you with interesting facts about the Kneipp facilities in Grächen and the surrounding area.

Simple but effective

Give your health a boost at the Kneipp facilities!

As one of the sunniest places in Switzerland, Grächen invites you to take long hikes in a picturesque landscape and enjoy relaxing wellness rituals. 

Follow Pastor Kneipp’s philosophy and treat your joints to a time-out in one of the numerous Kneipp facilities after your sporting activities! Surrounded by gorgeous mountain scenery, you’ll walk through the cold water and consciously enjoy the moment. 

Wellbeing with a view

“Kneipping” at Lake Grächen

Whether you’re on a demanding hike up to Jungen Alp, on a long walk along the Suonen or on a spectacular bike ride on the Flowtrail – you'll arrive at Lake Grächen with tired legs. But you’re in luck because there – nestled between the fragrant larch forest and the mountain lake – is a Kneipp facility. Dip your arms and legs into the Kneipp pool filled with icy glacier water and enjoy the tingling sensation!

After an extensive foot massage in the dry pool with pebbles, you can treat yourself to a picnic on one of the benches with a scenic view of the mountains. By the way, how about an ice bath in winter? The Kneipp facility is open 365 days a year, all day long. 

Small but mighty!

Refreshment oasis in the forest

If you can’t get enough cooling off, we have a tip for you: From Lake Grächen, hike about 30 minutes in the direction of Hohtschuggen! That’s where you will find the Taa Kneipp facility, a small refreshment paradise in the middle of the forest. You can also combine this excursion with a hike to Hannigalp.

In the mood for more cool adventures?

Kneipp facilities in the surrounding area

In Grächen, you will find numerous opportunities for cooling off in fresh mountain water. But the surrounding villages also offer Kneipp facilities that are well worth a visit. How about a detour to the neighbouring village of Gasenried, for instance, where you can dip your toes in a small, idyllically located Kneipp facility near the Riedbach stream? Another facility worth seeing is the one at the Jungen Alp scenic viewpoint.