MTB paradise
Listen up, bike aficionados!

One thing’s for sure: Biker’s hearts beat faster for the Grächen Flowtrail! We’ve summarised the most important information for your downhill adventures in Grächen.

Challenge yourself!

The Flowtrail in the Grächen bike region

“It’s goin’ down” in Grächen! Because with a length of five kilometres, the Grächen Flowtrail has MTB enthusiasts flocking up the mountain – picture-perfect views included! The downhill course is a highlight that mountain bikers and e-mountain bikers should definitely treat themselves to while on holiday in Grächen.

Leave the road, hit the trail!

Downhill adventures on the Flowtrail

Once you’ve arrived at 2,124 metres above sea level, you can get ready for five kilometres of MTB fun that you’ll remember for a long time to come. On narrow gravel trails, you’ll head downhill through beautiful stone pine and larch forests and across lush alpine meadows. Once you reach the bottom, you’ll want to go straight back up again, because no two descents on the Flowtrail are alike. Beat your own Best Time and always discover new opportunities for daring jumps!

Want to conserve energy?

Take the gondola to the start of the Flowtrail!

“The best views come after the hardest journey” – but that’s only true to a certain extent in Grächen. All those who have a lot of energy can of course tackle the climb by bike. On the way up to Hannigalp, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking scenic views.

But if you want to save your energy for the descent, we have just the right alternative for you: With the Best Time Ticket, you’ll get a personal shuttle service directly to the flowiest bike trail in the Valais mountains – nice! The gondolas have enough space for you and your bike, so you can take a breather and enjoy the scenic views. Once at the top, the motto is: 3, 2, 1 – let’s go!

Bikes and more

Essentials for champions

You’ve found the right trail and, of course, you want to give it your all on your downhill adventure – but perhaps you’re still missing the right equipment? In the Grächen bike region, you can get all the essentials right on site. Whether you need a mountain bike or e-bike with good brakes or outfits that are not only functional but also stylish: All this and more is available at the bike shop in Grächen. Do you have the coolest equipment at home – but didn’t want to take it with you on your trip to the mountains? Visit the bike hire in Grächen and get the best bike for your holidays in the Valais mountains!

Celebrate the experience!

Restaurants and bars nearby

Once you’ve arrived in the valley, you’ll naturally want to celebrate your new personal Best Time. The restaurants in Grächen offer everything a hungry biker’s heart desires. And afterwards, you can cheers to your successes at one of the numerous bars: Mastered the Flowtrail? Amazing! Good on you!

Relax and recover

Wellness in Grächen

Your calves are aching and you can barely keep your eyes open, but you still want to experience something cool? If you want to end your day on a more quiet note, you should treat yourself to some wellness at the spa! Or how about a visit to the Kneipp facility at Lake Grächen? A great opportunity to soothe tired legs.

Come prepared!

Plan your bike holidays in Grächen!