Kneipp Therapy

Kneipp facilities


Follow Father Kneipp's philosophy and treat your joints to a refreshing break after your sporting activities! Surrounded by dreamlike mountain scenery, you consciously walk through the cold water and enjoy the moment.

Exercise, nutrition, medicinal herbs, water and mental balance. With water treading facilities, arm baths, dry basins with pebbles and benches, the Kneipp gardens to the lake and Taa promote active relaxation.

In the neighbouring village of Gasenried (Schalbetten, by the Riedbach stream) there are two arm pools and a water treading facility. On the opposite side of the valley, near the lake on Alpe Jungen, there is another water treading facility.


Kneipp with children

Kneipping should be fun and enjoyable for children. Use their playfulness and gently introduce them to Kneipp. In this way, the child learns how helpful natural applications are for maintaining health and in the case of minor disorders, how they can wake up more quickly in the morning and how they can fall asleep well in the evening. The child's heat balance reacts more sensitively than that of adults. Carefully increase the intensity of the stimulation (duration and coldness) and observe your child's reaction.