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Winter hiking from Grächen to Bärgji

Fancy a sunny winter hike with the whole family? Then hike from Grächen to Bärgji and let yourself be impressed by the magnificent scenic views and culinary highlights!

Winter hiking land

Family winter hike from Grächen to Bärgji

If you are in the mood for a slower-paced activity with your family: We recommend hiking three kilometres from Grächen to Bärgji – an impressive winter walk for all family members. 

Along the way, you’ll soak up the sun while enjoying wonderful views of the Mattertal valley and the surrounding four-thousand-metre peaks. 

Step by step

The Grächen winter hiking trail in detail

Dress warmly, pack your rucksack and off you go: Your hiking adventure begins directly at your accommodation. Follow the road past the valley station of the Hannigalp cable car  to the historic Egga Chapel. You’ll have a fantastic view of the Matterhorn there.

At the small-bore shooting range, follow the signpost into the forest. On your way through the enchanting larch forests, you will be rewarded with beautiful views of Embd, Törbel, Moosalp or Bietschhorn. Once you reach the Taa Kneipp facility, your destination is already close: Bärgji Restaurant

In the mood for food

Refreshments in the restaurants in Grächen

Hiking makes you hungry. Luckily, the Bärgji winter hiking trail leads you to the ideal location: The traditional Bärgji Alp restaurant offers you a colourful variety of dishes in excellent quality. Indulge in culinary delights while admiring the beauty of the Valais mountains!

The view of the Matterhorn and Bietschhorn is truly unique. After the mountain experience, a variety of culinary delights are waiting for you in the valley as well. 

Stay warm!

Gear up for your winter hike in Grächen

Especially in the cold season, the right equipment for sporting activities is a must! So what do you do if you left your hiking boots, thermos flask or gloves at home? At the sports shops in Grächen, you are guaranteed to find everything you need for a wonderful winter hike.

Chasing the sun?

Winter hiking weather in Grächen

Always keep an eye on the sun – with our precise information on the weather in Grächen. Check out the weather info or get an idea of the situation by having a look at the live images of the webcams in Grächen!

Plenty of memories to make

Your winter holidays in Grächen