Sun, skiing and party
Bye-bye, snow!
Snowspring Open-Air

The winter season is coming to an end and spring is sending its first messengers. It's time for one last winter sports experience with proper party fun.

Go where the good vibes are

Party atmosphere at the Snowspring Open-Air

With the Snowspring Open-Air 2023 we heralded the end of the winter season. With a big party on Easter Sunday, numerous party people welcomed spring.

For the last time, it was time to get on the slopes for the 2023/2024 winter season. In the afternoon, we kicked-off Snowspring Open-Air with a huge warm-up party before the top acts "DoDo" and "Royal Republic" brought the village square to life.

Varied holidays

Winter sports fun in Grächen

A successful winter season has to be bid a fitting farewell. During the day, you can give it all you’ve got on the slopes – and in the evening, you’ll celebrate your top sporting performances at a crazy party. 

Listen up, party people!

Nightlife in Grächen St. Niklaus

Grächen’s nightlife is definitely reason enough to roam the mountain town when the stars are out. Especially during Snowspring Week, amazing live music acts ensure a wild atmosphere!