Excellent equipment, well stored
Ski hire and ski storage

Did you book your ski holidays in Grächen and still need the right equipment? Rent first-class gear at the Grächen ski hire and store it at the convenient ski depots!

Pre-ski preparations

Ski rental and ski depot in Grächen

Get ready to hit the slopes! Because Grächen – as a ski paradise for holidaymakers of all ages – offers you not only perfectly groomed ski runs but also a fantastic infrastructure. You can rent top-quality equipment on site and store it safely in the optimally located ski depots. We have summarised all the important information on ski hire and ski depots, so nothing stands in the way of a successful ski holiday in Grächen. 

Spoilt for choice

Ski hire in Grächen

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro: Ski equipment that is perfectly suited to your needs is an absolute must, because that’s what makes swooshing down the slopes even more fun. At the sports shops in Grächen, you can easily rent first-class equipment at any time and choose from a wide range of skis, helmets, ski boots and other accessories.

Convenient & easy

Ski storage in Grächen

Your skis have a home – at the ski depots in Grächen, which are all located close to the slopes. Shorter distances mean more time for skiing! Stored in modern ski lockers, your equipment is kept nice and warm even when the outside temperatures are low. Your skis and boots are guaranteed to be dry – and you can start the next morning with warm feet.

Our ski depots are located directly in the valley station and can be rented online: