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Ravensburger Games Trail: Prince’s Route

Distance 7.75 km
Duration 2:35 Hours
Difficulty easy


The exclusive Ravensburger Games Trail combines hiking with exciting games. Scattered across the hiking area around Grächen are eight Games Cabins and seven Activity Stations. The King’s Route takes you past two of the Games Cabins and four Activity Stations. The Games Cabins are small wooden chalets equipped with a table and board games. A backpack with all the pieces needed to play the games is available from the Tourist Office for a deposit of CHF 50. At each games location there is a small box with a stamp to stamp your Game Passport, which can likewise be obtained from the Tourist Office. Setting off from Grächen, the hike sends you through the Bina neighbourhood. The relatively level route then passes below Bärgji to the Hohtschugge view point, before returning via Bärgji. The path then leads above the village to Alpe Äbnet. Here the summer life of the Alps can be observed from close quarters. Finally the route heads back to Grächnersee Lake and down to the centre of Grächen village.

Highlights of the hike:

  • Varied hike along the Games Trail that takes in Games Houses and Activity Stations.
  • Hohtschugge view point with terrific views of Visper Valley and the surrounding mountains.


316 Metres
2 Stars
313 Metres
Fitness level
2 Stars
Highest point
1.762 Metres
Quality of the experience
6 Stars
Lowest point
1.458 Metres
5 Stars

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POI details

The Prince’s Route passes from Grächen to the Bina neighbourhood and then below Bärgji up to the Hohtschugge view point, a hike involving some 2.5 hours’ pure walking time. The return trail takes you via Bärgji and Taa to Alpe Äbnet. From there it’s downhill to Grächnersee Lake and then back to the village.

This route visits the Activity Stations “MixMAx”, “Humming Stone”, “Sliding Puzzle” and “SiSu-Mountaineer”. The Prince’s Route trail takes in the Games Cabins “Take it Easy” and “Swiss Journey”.

From Visp take the train to St. Niklaus. There you change to the Post Bus which takes you to Grächen every half hour. On weekends, there is a direct bus service from Visp to Grächen. Find full timetable information at

Rhone valley: Via Martigny - Visp to Grächen / St. Niklaus

Lötschberg car transport: Via Kandersteg - Goppenstein - Visp to Grächen / St. Niklaus ( transport)

Furka car transport: Via Andermatt - Realp - Oberwald - Brig - Visp to Grächen / St. Niklaus (car transport Furka)

Ticino/Simplon: Via Lugano - Centovalli - Domodossola - Brig - Visp to Grächen / St. Niklaus (Simplon car transport)

We recommend: 


  • good footwear
  • clothing suitable for the weather: always carry a waterproof jacket
  • hat or cap
  • sunscreen
  • bottle for water
  • picnic
  • camera
  • binoculars (optional)
  • hiking poles (optional)
  • printout of this hike (click «Print» icon, to download)