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Hannigalp – Saas-Fee high-altitude trail

Are you an outdoor enthusiast in search of breathtaking views at lofty heights? We’ll provide you with the most important info for your next hike in Grächen. 

Hiking fun for experienced hikers

Hannigalp – Saas-Fee high-altitude trail

Grab your hiking boots and off you go! All outdoor enthusiasts who love breathtaking views and dizzying heights should put the Hannigalp – Saas-Fee high-altitude trail at the top of their list of things to do in Grächen.

The journey is the reward

Hiking along the mountain range

This demanding day hike is definitely a challenge. Large parts of the route take you along the mountain range at a notable height – so this route is not for the faint-hearted. Surefootedness and a head for heights are a must on this tour, which is why bikes and prams are better left at home.

The choice is yours

Starting point of the tour

The Hannigalp – Saas-Fee high-altitude trail starts at the Hannigalp mountain station. The choice of how to get there is up to you. Early risers start early in the morning on foot from the valley. Those who want to conserve some energy can take the gondola up the mountain from the Grächen valley station. Take a deep breath and enjoy the view until you arrive at the top, excited to start the day’s adventure! 

Adventure awaits

Hike to Saas-Fee with great views

The Hannigalp – Saas-Fee high-altitude trail is considered one of the most beautiful and impressive high-altitude trails in the Alps for good reason. On your way to Saas-Fee, you can enjoy fantastic scenic views of Bietschhorn, Fletschhorn, Lagginhorn, Weissmies and Balfrin.

  • Once at the Hannigalp mountain station, you’ll be greeted with a view of the Matterhorn and the surrounding mountains. Follow the well-signposted hiking trail and enjoy the magnificent view from the Furggen scenic viewpoint, where, with a bit of luck, chamois and ibex will keep you company. 
  • On the rest of the route, you will hike through rocky sections, cross the Schweibbach stream via a wooden footbridge and find your way through the fragrant larch forests of the Saas valley.
  • Your return to the valley leads you through larch forest as well. After your arrival there, a pre-booked shuttle bus to Grächen is already waiting for you at the Saas-Fee bus terminal. Alternatively, you can start your return journey by public transport, in which case you will have to change trains in St. Niklaus.
Perfect for sun worshippers

The best season for the Hannigalp – Saas-Fee high-altitude trail

Basically, the tour is possible in the months of June to October. In the summer months, you can still expect snowfields in the higher sections. If you prefer to avoid these and enjoy the sun, you should start the hike in autumn. In the early morning hours, there are no shaded sections on the eastern side and you can enjoy the glorious sunshine. Around noon, you will arrive at the bus stop. You can also conveniently check out the weather conditions in advance via webcam – and leave nothing to chance.

Come prepared

Packing list for your day hike

On the Hannigalp – Saas-Fee high-altitude trail, you are at one with nature. But if you don’t want to live on air and love alone on your tour, you should remember to bring enough provisions. Take a break at one of the numerous scenic viewpoints and enjoy the picturesque surroundings! The right equipment is also an important factor for the success of your tour: Sturdy footwear is available at the sports shops in Grächen.