Up to Hannigalp
Snowshoeing trail

A snowshoe tour for the whole family? Hiking from Lake Grächen to Hannigalp, you can experience the wintry beauty of the Valais mountains together. Scenic views and tasty culinary delights included!

For winter sports enthusiasts of all ages

Snowshoe tour from Lake Grächen to Hannigalp

Want to hike uphill through the snow-covered Grächen landscape and take in the impressive scenic views? Grab your snowshoes and explore the winter sports paradise of Grächen while hiking through the snow!

The snowshoeing trail from Lake Grächen to Hannigalp is an enjoyable activity for your winter holidays in Grächen. Covering three kilometres, it’ll take you about one and a half hours. A hike with a view of several four-thousand-metre peaks – that’s a winter sports experience in a class of its own!

Walking in a winter wanderland

From Lake Grächen to Alpe Äbnet

The starting point of this snowshoe tour is the idyllic Lake Grächen. Strap on your snowshoes, focus on the magnificent landscape – and slowly make your way towards the traditional Alpe Äbnet!

Snowshoes on!

The snowshoe trail from Alpe Äbnet to Hannigalp

Cross the ski slope on Hannigalp under the cable cars and hike on flat terrain towards the enchanting larch forests of Grächen. The trail between the larches with their glittering snow bonnets climbs steeply uphill until you reach the mountain station on Hannigalp. Surprising: Even when hiking through the forest, you’ll keep catching wonderful views of the surrounding four-thousand-metre peaks.

Tasty treats

Refreshment stop on Hannigalp

Once you’ve reached the top of Hannigalp, it’s time to take a break – ideally at the restaurants and bars with their irresistible sundecks. While enjoying tasty culinary delights, you can take in the wonderful views and plan your way back down to the valley: Strap on your snowshoes again or take the cable car down into the valley? The choice is yours!

Like a pro

The perfect equipment for your Grächen snowshoeing adventure

You are now highly motivated for your snowshoe adventure but don’t have the right equipment on hand? Just visit the sports shops in Grächen and rent the best snowshoes right on site!

Sunshine seekers

Keep an eye on the weather in Grächen

Do you want to boost your vitamin D levels? Then you might want to keep an eye out for the perfect sunny snowshoeing weather. Check out our weather forecast or have a look at the current weather conditions via our live webcams!