Exercise & mega fun
Treasure hunt for young and old

Varied hike with lots of exciting discoveries. Grab the treasure map and find the matching key.


A fantastic excursion that has a lot to offer

If you start your treasure hunt at the village square, walk uphill and follow the road to the right towards Z'Seew. At the hairpin bend, follow the path straight ahead into the cosy forest and then up to the Chilcheri and Eggeri bisses. The water channels lead you through the refreshing larch forest and along lush meadows to Alpe Äbnet. Along the bisses, you can linger at the various play stations, romp, picnic, marvel and relax. In summer, our mascot SiSu also spends a lot of time with his friends at the Grächner Zauberwasser. You can even find these traditional irrigation systems on the UNESCO list of intangible cultural heritage. The adventurous treasure hunt then leads you further down a track to the natural lake. There is also more fun water fun at the Kneipp facilities. After the refreshing stopover, you will pass the Lourdes grotto and head back to the village, straight to the treasure chest in the tourist office.

Click here for the treasure map:

Challenge accepted

Grächen is the home to the SiSu snowbird

Nobody knows the highlights in Grächen as well as the cuddly Grächen mascot. Early in the morning, when the mountain peaks glow and the mountain world slowly awakens, SiSu likes to sneak uphill with his friends. That's when they have the best chance of spotting wild animals.

They meet up at Robi's forest playground and sports centre to play and really let off steam. Their favourite way to go hiking is with the Ravensburger Spieleweg and the play-backpack. There are play stations and play huts to discover on the four different routes. And when they need a breather, they can take the fairytale cable car up to Hannigalp and listen to one of the Grimm fairytales. They can let off steam in the family park and in the indoor play paradise SiSu Wolkenland. If they still haven't had enough, they can bravely ride their bikes down the SiSu flow trail from Hannigalp to Grächen.