For high-altitude enthusiasts
Tightrope walkers, listen up!
High-ropes courses in Grächen

In Grächen, numerous adventures await you in the treetops. Find out about climbing possibilities and high-ropes courses in Grächen and the surrounding area.

Hiking between the treetops

High up in Robi’s Forest Play Park

The most beautiful views you’ll have from the top: From June to October, you can experience a very special adventure in Robi’s Forest Play Park. Amid the fragrant larch forest, the high-ropes course offers exciting and varied routes several metres above the ground. Young daredevils are guaranteed to experience unforgettable adventures here! 

Well-secured high up in the air

High-ropes course for small and big heroes

In Robi’s Forest Play Park, fun and action await you in a relaxing fresh-air ambience. On the various courses, you’ll perform literal balancing acts and master tricky obstacles. But don’t worry if you start to wobble: You are always well secured, thanks to the modern Swiss Saferoller systems. So you can swing through the treetops without a care in the world.

Check out the following options:

  • Eihorli Parcour: This course is ideal for balance artists from the age of 4.
  • Ninja Park: for climbing monkeys from the age of 8
  • Zip lines: To use the big zip line from the “eagle’s nest”, you have to be at least 1.50 m tall and weigh more than 40 kg.
Want more thrills?

High-ropes courses in the area

For adventure seekers who can’t get enough of the view from the treetops, Grächen is the perfect starting point for other climbing adventures in the area. 

For hungry and thirsty adventurers

Restaurants in Grächen

When hunger strikes, there are plenty of secluded picnic spots to enjoy the snacks you’ve brought with you. Haven’t packed any food? Then the forest kiosk on site will provide you with tasty refreshments. Of course, there are also many cosy restaurants waiting for you in Grächen that serve delicious culinary delights. 

All restaurants at a glance

Other popular excursion destinations in Grächen

If you finally want to feel solid ground under your feet again but are still in the mood for adventure – we have some ideas for you: