Mountain bike adventure
From Zermatt to Visp
Matterhorn Valley Trail

Exploring the Grächen biking region from the saddle of your MTB brings you closer to the region and its people. The Matterhorn Valley Trail leads through picturesque areas – with nature rewarding the athletically ambitious. We’ll provide you with all the important info. 

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The Matterhorn Valley Trail near Grächen

Mountain bikers and e-mountain bikers can pedal along the Matterhorn Valley Trail near Grächen from June to October: On the demanding route along the Vispa River, you will admire historic buildings in idyllic villages, explore vineyards and cross forests and meadows – always surrounded by snow-covered mountain peaks and with a view of the Matterhorn.

You’ll also climb a whopping 1,400 metres in altitude on the impressive bike tour 150 from Zermatt to Visp.

Nature & endurance

Highly motivated to master the bike tour 150

In the biking region of Grächen, there is a trail to suit every biker’s taste, and you can make your holiday the perfect sports adventure on two wheels. Nature-loving bikers and e-bikers who appreciate long, medium-difficulty tours will find their personal highlight in the Matterhorn Valley Trail. 

Our tip: If you’d like to shorten the route, simply hop on the Matterhorn-Gotthard Railway and let it take you to your next destination in comfort.

Well on your way

Route of the Matterhorn Valley Trail

You’ll start your biking adventure in Zermatt at an altitude of about 1,600 metres above sea level. Then you’ll ride your bike to Täsch, Randa, Herbriggen and Mattsand, until you can finally head on over to Grächen St. Niklaus. Optionally, you can continue to Kalpetran, Stalden and Neubrück until you reach the railway station in Visp. From there, you can easily get to Grächen by public transport. The sporty powerhouses among you can also tackle the way back on their bikes! 

Numerous historical and nature-related highlights are waiting for you on this top-class bike tour:

  • In Täsch, you can take a break amidst larch forests and meadows at the idyllic Lake Schalisee.
  • In Randa, you can admire the debris cone from the 1991 landslide.
  • In Kalpetran, you can explore historic trails past dry-stone walls.
Easy peasy!

Getting to the bike trail in Zermatt

Zermatt is car-free, which is why you can only get there by car as far as Täsch. But only about 12 minutes separate you from the starting point of the route: You can travel the last five kilometres either by bike, with private taxi providers or with the shuttle trains that run every 20 minutes. 

Happy bike, happy life

The sports shops in Grächen

You can get the best bikes and the coolest accessories right here in Grächen. At the local sports shops , MTB enthusiasts get equipped with everything they need for a fantastic experience in the saddle. Nice too: If you’ve left your beloved bike at home, you can rent state-of-the-art bike models at ONE Sports in Grächen!

Rent a bike!
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More tours in the Grächen biking region

Bike holidays in Grächen can be very varied. In the immediate vicinity of the mountain town, you can aim for a personal Best Time on the various trails. We recommend having a look through the MTB Guide and marking the best routes! This way, you can ride one trail after another!

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