Hesch en Vogel?

Thursday, 03/07/2024
07.30 PM
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Discover the theatre play "Hesch en Vogel?", a comedy in three acts by Atréju Diener. The play is performed by the Grächen Theatre Association! Drama, humour and emotion in a captivating performance, so secure your coveted tickets and immerse yourself in this wonderful world with us. Don't miss out!

Accountant Robert is in dire financial straits due to the financial crisis. He is therefore persuaded by his cousin Carlo, a notorious criminal, to rob a bank. But the escape goes wrong and the two of them have to hide out in an advertising agency. However, they are soon discovered there. To avoid being discovered, the two bank robbers become increasingly entangled in lies. And as if that wasn't enough, new customers of the advertising agency, a confused owner and, last but not least, a chattering parrot make life difficult for them.
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Date Time
Sunday, 03/03/2024 05.00 PM
Thursday, 03/07/2024 07.30 PM
Friday, 03/08/2024 07.30 PM
Sunday, 03/10/2024 05.00 PM
Friday, 03/15/2024 07.30 PM
Saturday, 03/16/2024 07.30 PM
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3925 Grächen


Theaterverein Grächen
3925 Grächen